Controlled Disbursement

Know exactly how much money you need in your disbursement accounts and eliminate check-clearing uncertainty with Frost’s Controlled Disbursement service.

Eliminate Check-Clearing Uncertainty

Take the guesswork out of planning when your payments will clear the bank. With Controlled Disbursement from Frost, you know exactly how much money you need in your disbursement account every business day. This accurate assessment of your daily cash position then allows you to maximize overnight investments or minimize short-term borrowings.

The Controlled Disbursement Advantage
  • Gain control over outgoing cash flow.
  • Keep funds invested until checks arrive for payment.
  • Eliminate overdraft charges by covering your check-clearing totals.
How Controlled Disbursement Works
  1. View daily check presentment totals each morning online through Frost Connect, Frost's online banking service.
  2. Funds in an amount equal to your total disbursements automatically transfer from your funding account at Frost to the controlled disbursement account.
  3. Once the exact amount required to fund your disbursements is known, you can make sure you have sufficient cash in your Frost funding account to cover the checks presented against your disbursement account.
  4. Identify excess cash for investments or other needs.

Download our Controlled Disbursement Product Sheet