Health Care Reform

Health care reform is completely changing employee benefits. And understanding its impact is a complicated job for even the most experienced HR professionals. With a long series of deadlines, complex mandates, penalties and reporting rules, the new legislation has left many companies confused about what they need to do.

We know health care reform is a top concern for businesses. And our full-time, in-house experts understand the challenges it poses to companies of all sizes. Here are a few ways we can help:

  • Monitoring—We continually monitor new regulations and changes to health care reform
  • Notifications—We proactively notify you of regulatory updates so you can make more informed decisions on overall plan design
  • Access to resources—We provide access to a full-time compliance director for information support, tools and resources
  • Ongoing support—We help you understand the scope of health care reform and how to navigate compliance rules, regulations and changes—from employer-shared responsibilities (“Pay or Play” mandate) to individual responsibility

Frost Client Resource Center
We also offer online access to health care reform updates, state-specific support and employee education. Learn more about Frost Client Resource Center.

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