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A Frost Home Equity Loan is a type of second mortgage. It allows you to borrow against the equity you have in your owner-occupied homestead property to gain faster access to cash. This kind of loan comes with lower interest rates than other kinds of personal loans, making it a good choice for managing a variety of financial needs.

Many people use a Home Equity Loan to:

Pay off medical bills

Consolidate debt

Finance a wedding

Take on a big home improvement project

Account Details

Your Frost Home Equity Loan comes with:

  • A 0.25% discount with automatic payment from a Frost Checking or Savings account (first liens do not qualify)
  • A potential tax deduction on the interest you pay, if you use your loan for qualifying home improvements. Consult your tax advisor for details
  • Competitive interest rates and terms
  • The $15 monthly service charge waived on a new Frost Plus Account

View our list of Frost Registered Mortgage Loan Originators for Home Equity Loans, Home Equity Lines of Credit and Home Improvement Loan products.

Terms to know:

Equity: The difference between your home’s fair market value and the outstanding balance of all liens on that home.

Collateral: Something you’re pledging as security for repayment of a loan.

Amortizing loan: You’ll pay a consistent monthly payment over the life of the loan, with parts of each payment going towards principal and interest.

$2,000 - $49,999 / 7 years 4.74%
$50,000 or greater / 7 years 4.49%
$2,000 - $49,999 / 20 years 5.64%
$2,000 - $49,999 / 10 years 4.74%
$50,000 or greater / 10 years 4.49%
$2,000 - $49,999 / 15 years 5.24%
$50,000 or greater / 15 years 4.74%
$50,000 or greater / 20 years 5.14%
Annual Percentage Rate effective as of 11/30/2021.

Payment Example: A loan of $20,000 for 20 years at a simple interest rate of 5.64% would yield a payment amount of $139.16 per month and an annual percentage rate (APR) of 5.64%.†
Borrowing from Frost means:
No closing costs2
No application fee
No annual fee

Apply in about 15 minutes.


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