Lockbox Services

Frost’s Lockbox Service efficiently handles mailed check and credit card payments, so your back office doesn’t have to. Accelerate check collection, funds availability and delivery of remittance information by outsourcing the processing of mailed payments to Frost.

  • Wholesale Lockbox is most useful for companies that have lower volumes of large dollar receivables.
  • Retail Lockbox is recommended for companies with larger volumes of small dollar receivables.
Save Time, Money and Resources by Reducing the In-House Clerical Functions of Managing Accounts Receivable
  • Optimize your back office by allowing Frost to directly receive payments.
  • Minimize the expense of receiving and processing payments.
  • Eliminate deposit preparation and improve internal productivity and security.
  • Reduce incoming mail float.
Provide Immediate Deposit and Use of Funds
  • Coordinated mail pickup and delivery ensure that all mail received is processed for deposit the same day.
  • See faster collection of funds by reducing mail, processing and availability float.
  • Receive Internet delivery of image remittance detail on Frost Treasury Connect.
Establish Strong Audit Control of Payments
  • Reliably and securely receive payments in a secure environment each and every business day.
  • Posting of accounts receivables is more efficient and timely as payment information is available over the Internet or through data transmission.
Depend on Our Lockbox Processing Centers
  • Frost maintains two Lockbox processing centers in San Antonio and Dallas/Fort Worth.
  • Wholesale and Retail lockboxes are available at both sites.
  • Frost’s availability schedule provides for unsurpassed funds availability of processed checks.
  • Identical processing platforms ensure comprehensive disaster recovery.
How Lockbox Works
  1. Your customers mail their payments to a designated post office box assigned to you and Frost.
  2. Frost picks up your mail, processes payments customized to your needs and deposits the payments into your account.
  3. Frost transmits a file of payment transactions for direct application to your Accounts Receivable system as instructed.
  4. Frost provides a timely and accurate report of your payments and deposits. Download our Lockbox Services Product Sheet

Download our Lockbox Services Product Sheet