Paying filing fees to county or state agencies is a time-consuming process. And time is money. LegalEase makes paying for these governmental services quick and easy, so that you can concentrate on what’s really important to your business.

Protect Your Company

LegalEase protects you against unauthorized transactions by restricting its use for payments of services provided by state and county agencies. Payments are made with non-negotiable access numbers, rather than “account” numbers, protecting you against the risks and exposure associated with cash, checks, Automated Clearing House drafts and credit cards. Frost owns and operates the LegalEase processing system.

Add More Time to Your Day

Your LegalEase access number is used to pay a recording or filing fee through any participating agencies. The transaction amount is deducted from your account and electronically transferred to the appropriate agency, expediting the filing process and saving you time and money. An optional “Auto Replenishment” feature allows you to maintain proper funding of your account at all times.

Control Your Account Activity

Web-based access allows you to conveniently monitor your available balance and provides the capability to view, print and download up-to-the-minute online reports detailing your transaction activity in pre-set formats or with customized filtering and sorting. To simplify the process or tracing and reconciling transactions, multiple access numbers can be activated for different individuals or offices affiliated with your company.

How it Works
  1. Download the LegalEase application or call 1-888-481-0336.
  2. Complete the LegalEase application (use your physical address), provide a completed W-9 (Request for Taxpayer Identification Number and Certification form) and a copy of your Entity Documents. Then email the application and required documents to
  3. Frost will issue and activate your access numbers once your account has been opened and funded.
  4. Provide your access number to the participating county or state agency when paying for filings or recordings.
  5. The amount of the fee will be charged to your account, eliminating paperwork.

To view a complete list of participating agencies, download our LegalEase Product Sheet

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